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Stretchable Kraft Paper suitable for wrapping awkward items, eg chair llegs etc

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    I currently purchase a wide variety of packaging items, are you able to provide me with everything I need?
    We have arguably the largest selection of packaging materials in the UK. With many years of experience in the industry, we are also experts at sourcing non standard items. Just send us a list of your requirements!

    Will you hold stock for me?
    We are happy to hold up to 3 months stock for you to call in as required. You can take advantage of our reliable transport service and save your valuable warehouse space. We will invoice you as and when the goods are delivered to your site.

    Can I open a credit account?
    Yes, please download a Credit Application Form from the Download Documents section on the website.

    Is there a delivery charge?
    Orders under £350 will be charged £12.50 for delivery but all orders over £350 will have FREE delivery. Orders for collection under £25 will incur a small order charge of £10 however, orders over £25 for collection will be FREE.

    What are your accepted methods of payment?
    You can pay by cheque or make a card payment over the phone. Alternatively, if you are a regular buyer, we recommend that you open a credit account and take advantage of a 30 day monthly account.
    Can I collect my order?
    Yes, we have a customer collection point at our warehouse. We recommend that you phone with your order at least an hour prior to collection to save any delays.

    What are your opening times?
    Our sales office is open Mon to Fri, 7.30 to 5pm. Orders can be collected between 7.30am and 4.00pm.

    Helpfil Information

    How to measure a Case / Carton (Dimensions are taken internally). Unless otherwise specified all dimensions are expressed as internal dimensions in mm as follows:

    • Length (L) x Breadth (B) x Height (H)
    • Length = the longer dimension at the opening
    • Breadth = the shorter dimension at the opening
    • Height = the dimension from the top of the opening to the base

    How to measure Corrugated Sheet


    Unless otherwise specified, the dimensions of a corrugated sheet are expressed in mm as follows:
    • 1st dimension x 2nd dimension
    • 1st dimension = along the glue lines
    • 2nd dimension = across the glue lines

    Closure of Boxes

    Correct and effective closure of the packages is as important as the packaging construction itself.  The following methods of closure are possible either singly or in combination:
    • By gluing (cold or hot)
    • By taping (see diagrammatical examples)
    • By interlocking
    • By stitching (see diagrammatical examples)

    Different Types of Corrugated




    Understanding Different Types of Film


    Blown Stretch Films are typically used for heavier irregular loads and applications requiring excellent puncture and tear resistance.
    Additives are used to provide excellent cling and superior loads stabilisation characteristics, as a result, Blown Stretch Films can be noisy as reels are unwound.

    Cast Stretch Films provide a smooth surface with excellent optics, gloss, strength and cling without additives. Pre-Stretch Films are stretched during manufacture.
    The process can increase film strength, improve load stability, reduce the volume of stretch wrap film needed and subsequently save on stretch film packaging costs.
    We offer a range or pre-stretched stretch films designed to achieve optimal pre-stretching results that can be used with stretch wrap machines and manual application operations.


    Tips for Using Hand Held Stretch Films
    Always place the outside of the film to the surface of the pallet. Secure the stretch film to the pallet before wrapping by tying it to the oallet base. Always ensure the film covers the base of the pallet and the bottom layer of the load. Wrap the bottom of the pallet at least twice.

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Crepe Paper

Crepe Paper

Stretchable Kraft Paper suitable for wrapping awkward items, eg chair llegs etc

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